Tour to Laksanuten


Skiing due west from the lodge, and crossing 300 metres of lake to the mainland, this tour takes us up to our nearest top, Laksanuten, 1353 m.


Taking a small trail through the woods on Vaddodden, we we continue west above the Laksåi stream, then turning south, gradually climbing above the treeline to reach the col above the tarn of Tippetjørn. From here we take the ridge north west with a final steep ascent to the first of the two tops on Laksanuten. Crossing to the main top takes another 15 mins. and depending on conditions, we take a break here. There are fine views over the Hardangervidda and east to the impressive mount Gausta. This is also a point where, if we are lucky, we may see reindeer.


The route off the top gives a wonderful descent into the upper Komdalen valley and from here we again, make an easy climb to the highest point on Himmelsynnettane, 1260 m., under the imposing cliffs of Eggeskardnuten. The descent takes us down to the tarn, Eggetjørni and initially follows the Åstaul stream before we turn north east for the final descent to Møsvatn. This is a wonderful 3 km. long downhill run!


Crossing the 1km. of lake to the island of Mellomøyi, we return to Hovden and the lodge.

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