Tour to Tjørndalen


This trip takes us into the high wilderness above vestre Skindalen, an area of deep gorges, vertical rock faces and classic steep sided hanging valleys.


Over Hovdeøyi to the north west, we descend off the island and make a short crossing of Møsvatn. Then ascending through open woods, over marshes and rounded hills we reach an open area known as Laksabotn. This is where Vonskinåi drains the Vonskingjuvet, gorge. We make tracks south into the gorge and then traverse up the ridge on its west side. Here, the scenery is quite impressive. Turning north west again, we climb in under Magnusgrønutan, a steep sided mountain on our right and onwards into the valley of Tjørndalen – ‘Tarn valley’. Following a string of tarns, we make tracks deeper into this steep sided valley where, provided there are suitable conditions, we take a break.


Continuing north west, the valley suddenly opens out high above the Skindalen valley and we see vertical rock faces in every direction. High above us is the Skinfjell mountain and across the valley, the isolated Skindalen farm, where Anne lives with her four cows.


We return the same way, with a long descent, this time looking directly into the gorge, down to Laksatjørn but reaching Hovden and the lodge via a route though the woods above Vaddodden.

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