Tour to Dalstauldalen


This tour takes us to the hills and valleys under Kvamsfjellet, where the undulating terrain provides for some delightful skiing.


Crossing north east, about 1km. over Møsvatn to the farm of Førnes, a settlement dating back to the middle ages, we ski north west and up into a valley with a string of small tarns, past some huts towards Gardar. The track then takes us up a steep and narrow incline on to the hills above the lake of Store Hovstjørni. Keeping on the hills to the west, we ski to the northern end of the lake. Here with some spectacular views, looking down on to the farms and settlements spread out along the shores of Møsvatn, we take a break.


Keeping to the east of Hovstjørni, under the steep cliffs of Kvamsfjellet, we then head due south into Dalstauldalen but skiing along the undulating ridges on the west side of the valley. The final descent into the valley gives some wonderful opportunities to practice our ‘telemark turns’.


At the lower end of Dalstauldalen we turn west and return to Hovdeøyi and the lodge via Førnes.

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